Get a Head Start with the Best Developmental Toys for 6 to 9 Month Olds

Get a Head Start with the Best Developmental Toys for 6 to 9 Month Olds

When your baby is 6 to 9 months old, they’re in the middle of developing new skills that’ll help them for the rest of their life. Certain toys can speed up the process, and also teach them some basic numbers and shapes to go along with it!

The perfect toy lets them learn and play on their own while fostering their nascent abilities and having fun at the same time. Even better, you’ll finally be able to catch a break and relax as your child explores these new toys and games – or maybe you’ll be joining in!

How to Choose the Perfect Developmental Toy

There’s no doubt that you want the best for your baby when they’re 6 to 9 months old. At this age, they’re busy learning, exploring, and experimenting, so you’ll need the right toys that can help with this progress. A lot of these toys let them practice their motor skills and have lots of sound or light effects to keep them entertained. Below, we’ll outline some of the main things to look for when you’re picking out a toy. Or, you can go straight to our list.


When it comes to your little one, you want to make sure that they won’t get hurt playing with these toys. Get softer toys that they can’t hurt themselves with, and make sure that the toys aren’t made with any harmful chemicals. Make sure that these toys don’t have any sharp edges and ensure that there’s always a supervisor watching as they play.


Babies aren’t the best at being gentle with their possessions. They might drool on them, drop them or even throw them. As they’re learning and exploring their own newfound motor skills, any toys you buy need to be durable. After all, if the toys can’t stand some wear-and-tear, you’ll be going through them at an alarming rate.


Look for toys that inspire some form of creativity from your toddler. If they can make your child think or imagine something new, then it’s doing its job! Children are great at entertaining themselves once they’re given something to play with, so you won’t necessarily need to buy the latest product on the markets to satisfy them.


Every good toy needs to have some component of interaction there. Otherwise, you’ll find that your child will grow bored of it quickly and start fussing before long. Whether it’s stacking rings or colorful lights, you’ll want to make sure that the toy offers some level of satisfaction for your child when they interact with it.


Your baby is just beginning to move around on their own, and getting a toy that encourages activeness can definitely help. They’re started developing motor skills and getting used to motion, and encouraging this during playtime can help them explore a love of being active. Having them move around more now can help towards independence, which is beneficial as they grow older.

When it comes to picking out the right toy, a lot of it also depends on your child’s individual personality and preferences. They’re old enough to let you know whether they like the toy or not, so picking out the right one may take a little trial and error.

Now, we’ll get into some of the best toys and product selections for 6 to 9-month-old children!

Top 15 Best Developmental Toys for 6 to 9-Month-Olds 2023

1. Best Overall Developmental Toy: Baby Einstein Music and Melodies Mega Set

Baby Einstein Music and Melodies Mega Set

Why we like it: The Baby Einstein music kit comes with two different toys that let your child listen to and tweak our favorite classical melodies. With sliders, buttons, and light-up displays, it’s easy for your little one to discover a love of composing.

Editor’s Rating:

Exposing your child to music from a young age can help with auditory development. With the Baby Einstein music set, you’ll have 8 melodies to choose from for the DJ, and ten melodies to choose from for the take-along toy. Both are easy for your toddler to hold and comes with built-in grips so that they can move it around themselves as they want.

Unfortunately, this bright toy does lose color over time, especially when you clean it often with a wet towel to sanitize it. While the colors and paint aren’t toxic, this could lead to faded toys after a few months. In addition, the toy is “hard” and relatively easy to pick up, so your baby may drop it on themselves by accident and get hurt.

However, both items in this kit are highly interactive and encourage your kid to play and experiment with music. The DJ kit has three sliders and four instrument buttons so that they can change the tempo, sound, and even the pitch of the sounds. They also get the chance to press the instrument buttons and hear the melody played with different instruments.

The take-along toy has volume controls so that it won’t get too loud, and lights up when music is being played to provide visual stimulation in addition to the auditory stimulation. In addition, this one has movable beads on the handle for them to play with while they listen, adding in an extra layer of interaction.


  • Can adjust music controls to experiment with sounds
  • Exposure to visual and auditory stimulation
  • At least 8 classical pieces to listen to on each toy
  • Volume control makes sure it’s not too loud or quiet
  • Movable pieces and buttons add extra interaction


  • Paint comes off easily
  • The toy is “hard” and easy for kids to drop on themselves

2. Best Premium Developmental Toy: Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

Why we like it: The Fisher-Price playmat comes with different modes and various setups so that your child can play while lying down or sitting up. They’ll get to experiment with music and learn about shapes, colors, and more, all while developing their motor skills.

Editor’s Rating:

The Fisher-Price playmat comes in both pink and green so that you can pick a color your child likes. The soft, machine-washable mat is colorful and decorated with animals so that your little one can relax and stay comfortable as they rest on the mat to play. In addition, it comes with a large, light-up keyboard that plays sounds when hit.

For this product, the assembly can be a little tricky at first, and you’ll need time to put it together. It has three different modes for different stages of development that your child might be in, but you’ll have to reassemble it each time you want to change to another mode. An easier to assemble option would be the LeapFrog musical table. In addition, the mat is a little too thin to be comfortable on hardwood floors, so you’ll want to make sure you put this mat on the carpet.

This playmat has many modes of assembly so that your child can enjoy it lying down or sitting up. As they lay down, there are five different attachable and dangling objects that can be hung up above them so that they can hit the toys and watch them swing. The mat is made to encourage your kid to kick, reach, and push the toys, which develops their motor skills as well. If you’re interested in a playmat and don’t think this one is for you, we have a full article about them that contains more products.

In addition, there are enough bright colors and different textures to keep them entertained for ages. They’ll also hear educational songs and phrases that can serve as an early introduction to colors, shapes, and more. The music and sounds can also keep them entertained with continuous sensory stimulation, and the keyboard can detach so that you can take it on the go for your child.


  • Multiple modes of play and sounds
  • Versatile setups for any child
  • Teaches sounds, shapes, colors, and other educational tidbits
  • Machine washable mat is easy to clean
  • Five swinging objects for kids to play with


  • Takes effort to assemble
  • Mat is too thin for hardwood floors

3. Best Toy for Preparing for Walking: VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

VTech Sit-To-Stand Learning Walker

Why we like it: This sit-to-stand walker can be used to get babies active as they play, moving around alongside the walker. With light-up keys, rolling components, and over 70 phrases and melodies, your child won’t grow bored with this toy for a long time.

Editor’s Rating:

The VTech walker is perfect for getting your baby familiar with the same toy that’ll teach them to walk. The walker can be flattened so that your little one can enjoy all the buttons and sounds while sitting down, and eventually be comfortable enough to use it to help with walking. With five piano keys that make an assortment of sounds, it’ll be a while before they get bored.

However, this toy is suitable for kids who are a little more developed and around nine months old. It also doesn’t offer much stability for those who are just learning to walk, as the wheels may move a little too fast for your child to keep up with as they first start out. In addition, the wheels won’t lock so it can row away from your child if you have it up in walker mode as they’re playing with it.

However, the panel of the toy can easily be sat on the ground so that your child won’t have to walk to play with it, and the entire walker can be turned off so it doesn’t make too much noise. Best of all, the shapes are all held to the toy so that they won’t be lost, and the phone that comes along can be used as a rattle.

It’s a toy that’s suitable for babies that are beginning to grow a little more independent. There are over 70 songs and phrases, and many parts of the play panel can roll or be pressed down. If you’d rather a toy that encourages your kid to crawl around more rather than just sit and play, try out the VTech Pull and Sing Puppy.


  • Over 70 songs and phrases to listen to
  • Shapes and pieces are tethered to the toy and won’t be lost
  • The panel comes apart so your child can play with it while sitting
  • Phone can be used as a rattle
  • Rolling elements of the panel help motor skills


  • Not stable enough for beginner walkers
  • Need to be around nine months old to use
  • The wheels on the walker won’t lock so the toy might roll

4. Best Budget Developmental Toy: Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle and Teether

Manhattan Toy Winkle Rattle and Teether

Why we like it: The Manhattan Toy winkle rattle has dozens of colorful loops and handholds so that your baby can happily play and shake it. The loops are soft enough to be chewed on, letting this rattle double as a teether. It’s durable enough to be thrown around and remains fun for hours.

Editor’s Rating:

The Manhattan Toy ratter comes with an assortment of colors and easy grips for your baby to hold. In the center is a soft cube that rattles when shaken so they’ll get auditory stimulation in addition to tactile stimulation. In addition, with all of the handholds and parts that stick out, this toy encourages your baby to hold on with both hands to shake it about.

However, this toy cannot be boiled or thrown in the laundry machine. You’ll have to hand wash it, which can be difficult with all of the loops and tubes sticking out from the middle cube. You’ll also have to make sure you clean and dry it often, or mold may begin to form where the loops and the middle cube meets.

The highlight of this toy would be the pliable loops that are meant to help with teething. The materials are BPA free and meant to be chewed on so that your baby has a way of coping with their new, growing teeth. It’s durable enough to be thrown about and strong enough to withstand any amount of chewing that might happen.

In addition, it’s won several newborn toy awards such as the Oppenheim Portfolio Blue Chip award. The purple, blue, orange, and green colors of the maze of tubes is enough to mesmerize any child, and the rattle as it moves keeps them engaged. However, this is only just one toy and teether. If you want more of a variety for your child, try out the iPlay, iLearn toy kit.


  • Pliable tubes can help with teething
  • Made of BPA free materials that are safe for children
  • Many grip possibilities and easy to hold
  • The rattle in the center of the toy makes noise
  • Durable


  • Hard to clean
  • Mold can grow if you don’t take proper care of it

5. Best Activity Cube Toy: VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

Why we like it: The VTech activity cube has an assortment of buttons, spinning objects, sounds, and songs to keep your child entertained for hours. The phrases are educational and informative, while the five different sides of play help your child develop their motor skills.

Editor’s Rating:

This activity cube has five different sides for kids to explore, each with sounds, music, and interactive buttons. Made of BPA free plastic, it’s safe for use and durable even when thrown and tossed. In addition, the 25 different songs and melodies make sure they’ll be interested in this toy for a long while.

However, the warranty and durability of this product are not the best. Some buttons may stop working after a few months of use, and the product only has a three months warranty. Unfortunately, the stickers on this activity cube can be peeled off and eaten by some babies. You may also find the melodies annoying after your child plays with it for several days in a row, especially as it makes sounds whenever it is moved.

On the bright side, the 14 different features on this cube let it develop all sorts of motor skills for your child! The buttons light up when pressed, and there are spinning elements on it for kids to mess around with. In addition, this cube is designed to encourage your baby to sit as they play, strengthening their spine as well. If you want your baby to move and crawl around more, you can also look at the VTech activity ball.

The toy also contributes some educational value for your child, as the buttons and sounds introduce the names of animals, shapes, and letters. The spinning cubes on one side have letters on the front, with pictures on the back of objects that start with those letters if you want to introduce reading to your child as well.


  • Five different sides to play with
  • Fourteen interactive features and buttons
  • 25 different songs and melodies
  • Spinning cubes have letters and pictures on them
  • BPA free plastic makes it safe for use


  • Only has a three-month warranty
  • Stickers can be peeled off and eaten
  • Not as durable as some other toys

6. Best Puzzle Toy: Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack and First Blocks Bundle

Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack and First Blocks Bundle

Why we like it: This Fisher-Price puzzle bundle comes with two toys to help your child figure out shape and size difference in toys. With easy to hold items, they’ll be able to reason and maneuver the parts into the right positions and get an early introduction to cognitive reasoning.

Editor’s Rating:

This set comes with two different toys – a stack of colorful rings and a box with different shape cutouts and inserts. Both work to help your child improve their motor skills and reasoning skills as they work on moving the blocks and rings to the right place. It’s an early introduction to problem-solving without being too challenging or stressful!

However, while they are fun for play, they can be a little harder to clean up. The lid for the blocks container doesn’t always stay closed, so your child may accidentally knock it over and spill it a few times. In addition, this toy doesn’t have any light-up components, so your child may grow bored of it if they’re used to flashing lights and lots of sounds.

The tower of rings has five different sizes for your child to play with, and the rings themselves are thick enough to be easily holdable and stackable on the pillar provided. The rings are also different colors, and the top ring is clear with several colorful shapes on it. With these rings, you can also teach them the names of the colors as they work on their problem-solving skills to arrange them by increasing size.

The puzzle box has various shapes that you can introduce to your child as well, and the lid has five differently shaped holes that the shapes can be pushed into. They’ll be able to practice maneuvering the blocks through their corresponding holes and understand how shapes can fit in the holes correctly. It’s a good way to get them interested in puzzles that aren’t too challenging.


  • Comes in different colors and shapes for learning purposes
  • The child gets to learn about size differences while stacking rings
  • Toolbox of shapes have special holes in the lid that they fit into
  • Rings are thick and easily held
  • Easy first puzzle for a child to improve motor and cognitive skills


  • No light-up parts or sounds
  • Toolbox lid is harder to close

7. Best Activity Ball Toy: VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

Why we like it: The VTech wiggle and crawl ball comes equipped with music, lights, and educational phrases to help your child learn. Best of all, it moves around on its own and encourages your baby to crawl after it, getting their attention through all sorts of visual and auditory stimuli.

Editor’s Rating:

This activity ball by VTech lights up, plays sound, and moves on its own to encourage your child to get active and crawl to it. With over 45 songs and musical phrases, the ball also features various buttons for your child to press so that they can hear the sounds that animals make, and listen to numbers and colors that correspond with the buttons.

This product does require batteries, though it comes with three AA ones already installed when you order it. It also requires a lot of power and will go through batteries very quickly if it’s often used. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you’re supervising your child as they play, since the ball may accidentally bump into their head or eyes if they’re on the ground. If you want a toy with music, lights, but no rolling, you should consider the VTech activity cube.

It can come in a red and yellow design, or a purple and pink design, so you can pick one that you think your child will like best. In addition, with five flashing lights and vibrations, it’ll certainly draw your baby’s attention and have them crawling over to it in no time. The animals on the toy can all be pressed, spun, or twisted around.

This toy is a good choice if you’re looking for a way to help your little one develop their language skills. The added motion and interactive elements also help with sensory stimulation and motor skill development, which is a necessity for any growing child.


  • Over 45 melodies and songs
  • Ball rolls and vibrates to draw attention and encourage motion
  • All animals on the toy can be pressed, spun, and interacted with
  • Helps teach colors, animals, and numbers
  • Comes in two color palettes


  • Goes through batteries quickly
  • The ball may bump into the head or eyes as it rolls around

8. Best Toy to Encourage Motion: VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Why we like it: The VTech Pull and Sing puppy is the perfect toy to let your child get a pet without any of the mess. It moves around easily and encourages your little one to crawl after it and move around as they play, bettering their motor skills all the while.

Editor’s Rating:

The VTech pretend puppy is a good way to help your kid learn the joys of having a pet without having to deal with any messes or cleanup. This puppy has three different buttons that can be pressed and can easily be dragged along to follow your child as they start crawling. For children who need some encouragement to be active, this toy is the perfect solution.

Keep in mind that this toy needs AAA batteries, though they are included with the initial purchase. Also, the toy is not weighted very well and may fall over onto the noise if pulled too fast when your child is crawling. The string is also not very long, so you may want to add on more string so that your child has more leeway as they move around with this pretend puppy.

However, there are enough interactive components of the puppy to make up for some of the shortcomings. With over 60 songs, noises, and phrases, this toy helps teach your child basic colors, numbers, and parts of the body. The tail and ears can wiggle, spin, and vibrate when the dog moves, encouraging more active play as well with this animal. The nose also lights up when the puppy speaks.

The dog holds a ring with two moveable objects on it as well for your child to bat around, and the plastic is durable enough for it to get through any potential falls. The leash is colorful and fun to hold, and you can even pull it around the house to encourage your baby to follow after! The wheels on the bottom of the toy allow for smooth motion as it moves.


  • Teaches colors, numbers, and parts of the body
  • Encourages the child to move around
  • Ears and tail move and spin
  • Over 60 songs and phrases
  • Nose lights up when it speaks


  • Puppy falls onto the nose if pulled too fast
  • The cord is not long enough, so you may need to attach more string
  • Requires AAA batteries (they are included with purchase)

9. Best Educational Toy: VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech Musical Rhymes Book

Why we like it: The VTech musical rhymes book is a great way to introduce your little one to reading and give them an early start! With sounds, nursery rhymes, and light up stars, this book will keep their attention longer than a traditional book, all while helping with their educational development.

Editor’s Rating:

This interactive book has six different pages with moving components that your child can turn themselves. Each page is made of thick, durable plastic so it’s easy for your child to play with, and the pieces vibrate and make noise as they’re shifted around. The start lights up as you read with your child, and music plays with the page turns.

However, there are no volume controls on this book so you won’t be able to change how loud or quiet you want the songs to play. In addition, it only has six songs to choose from and not nearly as many melodies as some of the other choices. If you want more interactive elements besides the book, try out the LeapFrog musical table, which has a book in the center!

Each page is brightly decorated and colorful to captivate your child’s attention, and the star in the middle flashes in time with the songs that are played. There are also two different modes for your child to experiment with. Learning mode reads along with the nursery rhymes while music mode plays fun songs and tunes for your child to listen to.

While this book does need batteries, it comes with two AA batteries included in the package so you won’t have to worry about getting more out of the packet. This toy doesn’t need any assembly and arrives ready for use. It’s the perfect toy if you want your baby to get a head start on reading and understanding stories.


  • Six thick, durable plastic pages
  • Each page has an interactive element
  • Two modes for learning and music
  • Bright decorations and light-up components captivate the attention
  • Batteries are included


  • No volume controls
  • Only six different songs to listen to

10. Best Kit of Variety of Toys: iPlay, iLearn 10 Pieces Educational Toys

iPlay, iLearn 10 Pieces Educational Toys

Why we like it: The iPlay, iLearn ten-piece set of toys come with rattles, trumpets, and even a teething ring for your little one. They’re small enough to be taken on the road, and the large variety of objects helps develop a wide assortment of motor skills as your child explores and plays with this kit.

Editor’s Rating:

This collection of toys by iPlay, iLearn helps with musical and motor skills. Each toy can be rattled and moved in some way so that your child is exposed to a variety of interactions as they explore it. It passed multiple physical and mechanical tests from the CPSC standards and various labs. Best of all, the individual toys are all very small and easily stored, so that you can quickly grab one for your child for your next road trip!

Keep in mind that these toys won’t light up, so they may not offer as much visual and sensory stimulation and some of the other options. They also don’t play music, but rather allows your child to make the music themselves by shaking the objects back and forth. In addition, some of the toys are difficult to wash and dry out, since small parts of them may retain liquids if it gets damp.

This variety and compactness of the toys are unmatched by other products on this list and even offer a teething ring for your child to bite on as their baby teeth grow in. If you’re only interested in an engaging teether toy, look at the Manhattan teether toy. The ball rolls and is fun for your child to chase after, while the trumpet has buttons to press and an opening to blow into. Some toys can be shaken like a rattle, while others can be twisted and turned.

All in all, these toys help develop most of your child’s motor skills, and they’re small enough to be taken anywhere, unlike some of the larger toys. With bright, contrasting colors and fun sounds to listen to, they will keep child engaged for quite a while.


  • 10 different toys to pick from
  • Small and portable enough to take with you
  • Ball rolls and encourages motion and crawling
  • Comes with a teething ring
  • Passes CPSC safety standards


  • Doesn’t light up or play music
  • Harder to clean and dry
  • Not as engaging as some other toys

11. Best Activity Table Toy: LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Why we like it: The LeapFrog music table helps introduce your child to songs, sounds, and more through the assortment of buttons and rattles on the four sides. The book in the center has pages for your child to flip through as they learn and experiment with music and their own new motor skills.

Editor’s Rating:

This LeapFrog activity table comes in both green and pink colors for your baby and offers over 70 sounds and phrases that can be played. It’s covered on all sides with various buttons of musical instruments for your child to press, and incorporates classic nursery rhymes like the “Itsy Bitsy Spider”.

It comes in a compact, but plain-looking cardboard box, so if you plan on giving this as a gift, you’ll need to wrap it. In addition, the table is a little more on the lightweight side, so if your little one pushes too hard on one side, it can tip over and fall. The legs are not as stable as they could be, and it might get flipped over by an adventurous baby.

However, the table is relatively easy to put together by anyone and can be simply placed on the ground as a panel so that your child can play with it while sitting. The book in the middle has thick, durable plastic pages that can be turned so your child sees an assortment of shapes, numbers, colors, and animals. Once they grow older, you can easily add in the legs so that they can play with it while standing!

Every side of this table is covered with interactive elements for your child to slide, roll, rattle, or press down on. The center of the table also lights up as your child flips the pages, adding that extra element of stimulation to keep their interest. It even has a music mode and a learning mode that you’ll be able to switch between as needed.

If you want a more portable musical toy, check out the Baby Einstein music set.


  • Over 70 sounds, songs, and phrases
  • Can be placed on the ground or installed as a table
  • Book in the center has lights around it for visual engagement
  • Book has durable plastic pages for heavy play
  • Teaches instrumental sounds, colors, and numbers


  • Comes in a plain cardboard box
  • Legs are not very sturdy
  • Lightweight and can be flipped over by baby

12. Best Toy for Shaking: VTech Lil’ Critters Shake and Wobble Ball

VTech Lil’ Critters Shake and Wobble Ball

Why we like it: The VTech shake and wobble ball is easy to hold on to and rattle. With over 60 songs and melodies, the flashing lights and colorful buttons capture your child’s attention as they move all the individual pieces.

Editor’s Rating:

The VTech shake and wobble ball has large, easy tubes for your child to hold on to as they shake and play with this toy. Each tube has objects that can slide up and down, while large, colorful buttons at the bottom play sounds and music when pressed. This is a durable toy that can be pressed, thrown, and rolled around as your child explores each and every element.

This toy, unfortunately, has volume controls that don’t work as well, and the noise can be a little too loud for some parents. In addition, it will need batteries, though it comes with some already installed. The gaps between the bead tracks are large enough that their hands and arms may get stuck inside sometimes, and they’ll need an adult to help untangle them from the toy.

On the bright side, the three buttons at the bottom help introduce colors, numbers, and vocabulary as they play different tunes to help your child remember. In addition, the light underneath the cow will flash and play a noise when the toy is used to help keep your baby’s attention. While it doesn’t have as many animals to interact with as the VTech activity ball, it does have more sounds and phrases.

With so many things to shake, wiggle around, and press, your child will find no shortage of things to experiment with when they’re using this toy. It includes over fifty phrases and sounds and can help with visual awareness alongside hand/eye coordination. They’ll only need a few shakes before the ball begins engaging them in active play.


  • Over 50 phrases and melodies
  • Easy tracks and tubes to hold on to and shake
  • Many moving components that can be slid up and down
  • Light underneath the cow flashes
  • Durable and made to last


  • Volume control does not work well
  • Hands and arms may get stuck inside the toy
  • Requires batteries (they are included with purchase)

13. Best Toy Car for Development: Bright Starts Rattle & Roll Buggie

Bright Starts Rattle & Roll Buggie

Why we like it: The Bright Starts buggy is easy for any child to hold, and the balls in the wheels of this car make a pleasing rattling sound when it’s used. This toy is an affordable option for parents who want a peaceful, simple, and (relatively) quiet toy.

Editor’s Rating:

The Rattle & Roll buggy is perfect for kids who love toy cars. It makes a small noise as it’s moved around the room. The material is soft and safe for use, meant to be used for teething for little ones. The wheels contain multiple colorful balls that’ll roll around as it’s used, creating a fun noise to keep your child engaged.

While this toy won’t need any batteries, it also doesn’t light up or make any other noise. Keep in mind that you will only get one car with your purchase, even though the cover image shows two. The design of the car you receive may be randomized as well, so you might not be able to choose your favorite style. In addition, the car is a bit on the heavier side, and your child may hurt themselves if they drop it accidentally.

The tops of the car have many holes and open areas, making this toy both easy to grab for your toddler and easy for you to clean! The holdable design also helps your child roll it around without much trouble, and all material is BPA free in case your child decides to chew on the toy. It’s a simple, affordable option as a toy that won’t be too loud like some of the other options.


  • Not loud
  • Able to be chewed on for teething
  • BPA free material
  • Balls in wheels rattle when rolled around
  • Tops of cars are easy to hold and clean


  • Doesn’t light up or play music
  • Only receive one car with each purchase
  • Cannot choose the design of the car

14. Best Textured Toy: Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Why we like it: The Sassy bumpy ball is made of an assortment of fabrics and textures for your child to experiment and play with, helping with the development of their tactile senses. The gentle rattling sound won’t be too loud while they play, and the colorful knobs capture their attention.

Editor’s Rating:

The Sassy bumpy ball has a variety of cloth knobs and colorful objects sticking out of it, making it easy for your child to hold and play with. Two of the protruding knobs have smaller balls within so that they can make noises when shaken. The gentle sounds are soothing, and the variety of textures help your child increase their tactile sensitivity.

However, the ball can be a little too large to hold and shake for smaller babies. It does take a bit of effort to shake. The plastic parts are also hard, and they may accidentally bump themselves in the head with that part while they’re playing with it. The threading also comes loose after a while, causing some of the stuffing to fall out and escape. It also doesn’t have any other sounds or light-up components.

This is just a larger version of a shaken rattle, with extra textures and materials that create it. If you want your child to have more variety in rattles and sounds, you’ll definitely want to consider the iPlay, iLearn toy kit.

The variety of colors and feelings on this ball can make up for some of its shortcomings, and the contrast helps your child develop an understanding of touch and feel associated with each knob. The rattle sounds are soft and gentle, not too loud like some of the other options on the list. Each of the chunks also encourages holding and grasping, which can improve their developing motor skills.


  • Variety of textures and material for them to feel
  • Contrasting colors make it fun to play with
  • Two plastic knobs have small balls within that rattle
  • Knobs are easy to hold onto and shake
  • Not too loud when played with


  • Can be too large for smaller babies to hold
  • Plastic is hard and may be bumped into the face
  • Threads can come loose after a while

15. Best Bath Time Toy: Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles Bath Toy

Why we like it: The Munchkin bath toy is perfect for tub time, especially as they float and bob in the water for your child to catch. They’re easy to hold – even when wet – and makes soft noises from beads inside when your child shakes them.

Editor’s Rating:

The Munchkin floating balls have small animals and shapes inside them that spins and rattles when they’re moved. Each ball floats in the water, making this a good choice if you want to amuse your baby while they’re taking a bath. With four different toys that spin and rattle, your child can pick their favorite ones to bring to the tub with them.

However, water can sometimes get into the balls and then can be hard to remove. This makes the toy very hard to clean on your end. The plastic can get cloudy after extended play over a few months, and while it is inexpensive, you may have to purchase more as time goes on. Without a way to open up the toy for it to dry, you’ll have to take extra care that your child won’t accidentally hit a crack into the plastic.

Each ball contains a textured ring that makes holding onto them easy, and differently sized plastic animals and beads inside create different noises as they’re shaken. They’ll also bob in the water, making it a fun activity for your little one to try and grab as they float along. This can help with their hand-eye coordination and motor skills when used regularly!


  • Four differently colored balls and shapes
  • The textured ring makes it easy to hold
  • Bobs and floats in water for bath time
  • Creates soft rattling noises when shaken
  • Inexpensive


  • Plastic gets cloudy after extended use
  • Hard to dry out and wash
  • May have to replace after a few months of use

Final Thoughts

When you’re picking out a bath toy, you’ll have dozens and dozens of choices to look over. Each helps your child develop their motor skills in some way or fashion, and all have their own ways of engaging your baby. With some careful thought, you’ll soon be able to choose an assortment of toys that helps them along with their developmental phase and educates them at the same time! The right toy can be the perfect way for you to finally relax as your child explores and plays on your own.